Jan 10, 2016

Jaipur Literature Festival 2016

The Festival starts on 21 January 2016 and will end on the 25th January. As every year the venue for the Day sessions will be Diggi Palace and evening concerts will be at Clarks Amer hotel Lawns.

I have been attending the festival for the past 7 years now and here are a few things that are noteworthy and could be of help.

The festival is free for all so a lot of local and young crowd attends it and a lot of this crowd had got nothing to do with literature, nor do they have any perspective or interest but just come cause its 'The Thing' to attend!

Any sessions that have any movie star or global personality in it will be jam packed so if any such session is of real interest to you, please go in advance and take a seat or later you could be just mobbed and miss it.

There are a lot of little food stalls within the venue but mostly its bad food and very expensive. So be prepared. Carry your water because water is also expensive.

End of every day there are nice music concerts held at Clarks Amer Hotel lawns. It is a good idea to book passes online in advance. You can buy them for all days or the concerts that you like. These sell in advance and again get very crowded. Hence advance booking is a good idea!

same as the day, there are food and drinks stalls in the evening but they are exorbitant for the amount and quality of f&b served. So be prepared!

Parking is a huge issue both in the morning at Diggi & evening at Clarks. Best is to Cab it!

For further info visit the Lit Fest official site:

Some of my pictures from the past:
A chai wala at the fest

Tea Stall at the Fest

with Maa at the entry 

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