Jan 12, 2016

Interesting Patesserie/ Cafe with All day Breakfast-2016

C'est Bon The patesserie, situated just off MI Road close to the Bake Hut store is the perfect place to find breakfast all day. They don't open before 10:30 but are open till 10:30 PM and you can find a great breakfast for all those hours.

The Pricing is comfortable, a hearty breakfast for 2 will set you back 800 Indian Rupees

The All Day Breakfast Menu

The Place is generally not very crowded, so if you just want to unwind or have a quiet conversation, have a great pastry or cake right in the heart of the city, this is the place. They also have a great selection of fresh breads to be picked up. All in all not too many places in the city serves up All Day Breakfasts and if you are looking for one this is worth a try!

Chocolate Cheesecake



Cakes & Pastries

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