Jul 31, 2012


GOLGAPPAS/ FUCHKAS/ PANI PATASHI/ PANI PURI: known by many names this is a popular Indian fast food/ street snack. There are 3 places in Jaipur, where Golgappas are just great. In order of personal preference but all are top choices: 

·         HOTEL CHAWLA’S (earlier known as Chawla’s Sweets): 349, Fashion Street, Lane No.1, Raja Park, Jaipur. I Love the Golgappas at chawla. Its just the right amount of spicy, tangy & sweet. I don’t miss the Bengali market (Delhi) Golgappas anymore.
Golgappa at Chawla

The Entry

The Golgappa counter

Golgappa being prepared

·         NAND’S: Right Opposite Chawla’s. Fashion Street, Lane No.1, Raja Park, Jaipur. The shop opens at 4:00 P.M. and goes on till he is all sold out.

Hogging time!!!

Nand's Golgappa

·         GOPALJI: is now near ahimsa circle-Outside, the same building as Mamu's Infusion. Its a small and clean kiosk. This one is loved by the old timers and is very popular. Also known as Gopalji from Ramniwas Bagh behind Kiran Cafe. They also have a pav bhaji couter, bhel puri counter and a gola chuski counter.
Gopalji just starting at 4pm
At peak hours

The Bhel & Gola/ Chuski counter

The Pav Bhaji Counter

Don’t know what Golgappa’s are??? Read More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panipuri

SANJAY’S OMELETTE:B-18-19, Janta Store, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur. You must be thinking, what’s in an omelette??? Try one form the 20+ varieties available at Sanju’s (Sanjay’s omelette) and you will know. Sanjay Omelette is owned by Mr. Sanjay sharma, who was also one of the participants of Masterchef India and has been serving to students and locals in Jaipur for over 2 decades. This is a small eatery at the janta store circle market, Bapu Nagar. When you reach this place you will wonder what it is. There will be many cars parked all around and all you need to do is ‘HONK’ or call out to one of the servers.
Some guy will rush to you and ask you to place your order. Omelettes start at 60 INR but are really filling and unique. I am attaching a picture of the menu card, so you know all the stuff available here. This is not a fancy place at all- its just a tiny stall full of eggs and people but a food lover must not miss this place!
The menu

The Facade

The unique omelette

THE FAMOUS PYAAZ KI KACHORI: Steaming hot pyaz ki kachoris or aloo pyaz ki kachoris are sold at most ‘mithai/ namkeen’ shops across Jaipur. When in Jaipur this signature dish is a must try. Pyaaz kachori has a crisp, flaky, deep fried crust; stuffed with a lightly caramalised and exceptionally seasoned onion filling.  RAWAT MISHTHAN BHANDAR is the most famous and the BEST in all of Jaipur for Pyaaz Kachori. It is right next to the polo victory cinema, very close to the Sindhi camp bus stand and main railway station.
pyaaz ki kachori

DAAL KACHORI: Steaming hot Little daal ki kachoris are sold at many shops across Jaipur but one of the popular one is Sampat Kachori Bhandar. Daal Kachori, similar to Pyaaz kachori has a crisp, flaky, deep fried crust; stuffed with a spicy lentil filling.  SAMPAT KACHORI BHANDAR is tucked away in a little street in the old walled, SBBJ Street Chaura Rasta, serves hot kachoris all day long. Worth a Try!!

SETHI’S BARBEQUE RESTAURANT: Near Panchawati Circle, Raja Park & Gold Souk-Malviya Nagar. one of my favrioute hangouts for years now. The days we do not want fine dining or are in a hurry or in a mood to have some great tandoori in our car...Its sethi’s we got to. Its like a dhaba, they have a sit down options but its an absolute no no for girls to go in and eat. So we always order and then eat inside the car. You reach sethi and usually see cars parked back to back. Post parking someone always notices you and comes with the menu card to take your order. It has a decent variety on its menu. But highly recommended are: The Lahsooni chicken Tikka. It is by far the world’s best tikka! When you order ask for separate masala and lemon wedges. These awesome tikkas melt into your mouth and leave a taste you will not be able to forget ever!! Have it with crispy Tandoori roti and the masala. Add the lemon juice to the masala and dip every morsel of tikka and roti into the masala for the heavenly taste!! The other thing we always order is haryali chicken tikka, not the best in town but still really good and along with this ask him to get you only gravy/ rogan of chicken or some daal. The bill won’t be more than 550 Indain Rupees for a plate of lehsuni Tikka + a plate of haryali Tikka+ one daal+ one gravy+ 4 tandoori rotis. So, if you are a food (non-veg) lover and like to explore then sethi's is a must visit.
Sethi's facade

TALK OF THE TOWN: Opp Country Inn & Suites, Khasa Kothi, M.I. Road & also a little shop near Gaurav Tower. This is also a take away or eat in car. Has a lot of stuff on menu but highly recommended are: Hariyali Chiken Tikka- The best Hariyali tikka you will ever eat. Tandoori Aaloo, Kathi Roll, Biryani and Butter Chicken.
LASSIWALA: One of the most famed places serving lassi, lassiwala is located on M.I. Road almost opposite Niros Restaurant. If you are wondering what lassi is? Lassi is curd blended with ice and sugar (Metthi Lassi) or sometimes blended with salt (Namkeen Lassi) served in earthen pots. The lassiwala is famous for its sweet lassi (meethi lassi).
When you reach the location you will find three lassiwala shops, if you carefully look at them you will notice that only the one towards the extreme left (just befor shyam caterers) does business till late afternoon (4 PM) is the original lassiwala. Be sure that you go to this one, it’s board clearly reads that it has been there since 1944. The other outlets although very good on their own are not quite at the same level. Note, There is no seating place at Lassiwala so you have to have the Lassi while standing on the street. The lassi is available in two sizes, large and small. Cheap, no frills and tasty- Lassiwala is a great street place. Be sure to reach before 1:00 PM in the afternoon else you may be too late as the Lassi runs out before 4:00 PM everyday and even earlier on most days of the week.
The one with the black board is the original one
The Original Lassiwala- all lassi sold by 4PM- while fake guys are still selling
KATHI ROLLS & TANDOORI TIKKAS AT M.I. ROAD: located opposite KFC (almost 50 mtrs before KFC on the opp side of road). There are a 2/3 shops serving Kathi rolls, tandoori chicken, Paneer tikka and a variety of non-veg tikkas. The Kathi rolls are really yum and they come cheap. The shops open till almost 12:00 a.m. and till the end serve you hot stuff. 
Kathi Rolls

The outlets

This one's better than al bake

CHAI & MUSKA BUN AT GANPATI PLAZA: Gulab Ji Chai Waala located Opposite Ganpati Plaza (M.I.Road) serves yummy chai (MasalaTea) 10 INR, Bun and Muska (butter)- 20 INR & Bun Muska Samosa- 30 INR. This is a great street eating place, always packed with people and serves till 6 P.M. If you are a tea person then this is a must try place.

CHAI AT SAHU'S: Located in the walled city at Chaura Rasta, Sahu is very Famous for his tea and day long visits by all classes of people. Serves a very sweet and cardamom rich Tea. worth a try!

KULFI: The Best Kulfi that I have had in Jaipur is at Shri Pandit Kulfi Bhandar at Gangori Bazaar (Near Aggarwal furniture) in the old city and Famous matka Kulfi, of Pandit's Kulfi at Raja Park .
Famous Matka kulfi

They serve the kulfi on a leaf- very rustic!!

AUNTY’S PAV BHAJI: Aunty's cafe located on the street parallel to Park-plaza Hotel, C-Scheme is this great street place serving an array of things like Chowmein, Indian Pizzas, Soups, Burgers, Sandwiches, Chinese stuff, South Indian dishes etc. However, this place is really famous for its Pav-Bhaji. Again a famous street food place so no frills just cheap street food.
The entire street is a part of aunty's cafe

All kinds of street foods are served here

But definitely not for those with a weak stomach

PAV BHAJI STALL NEAR BIRLA MANDIR: Located just opposite Birla-Mandir the entire street is lined by loads of carts serving Pav-Bhaji and all of them claim to be the original Pandit Pav bhaji stall. No clue which one is. All of them taste great. Cheap and really lovely Pav Bhaji. 
street food opp birla Temple

Pav Bhaji
GOLGAPPA & KULFI FALUDA AT BAPU BAZAAR: Right at the end on the chauraha (where 4 roads meet) is this very famous Golgappa wala and for kulfi faluda Shop No. 28 on link road is the place. Makes for a great street experience cause of all the shopping and people around.

Just walk on this row and after 2/3 shops is the famous kulfi shop

FALAHAAR SARAOGI MANSION: Located on the entry to Saraogi Mansion. Falahaar serves sabudan khichdi, Fruit cream, Sabudana dahi vada, Makkhaniya lassi, Mango Kalakand, shrikahnd. All the food ranges between 25 to 30 INR per plate. Neat, healthy and tasty!

For more about the dining scene in jaipur read:  http://visitingjaipur.com/eating-places-in-jaipur

Jul 30, 2012


Sunday is that day of the week when we wake up late and post a very light bite, like going out for a Brunch. Here are a list of places, I love to go for brunches with friends and family.

ANOKHI: Fully vegetarian, serving organic food this is a nice place to spend a few hours grabbing lovely stuff ranging from Pizzas to pastas. Salads, French  press coffee, ginger ale, lemonade, cakes and muffins. I particularly love the thai green bean salad, Pizza with caramalised onions goat cheese and walnuts, Egg Mayo Burger, Hummus tomato sandwhich and Chocolate ganache cake.

The atmosphere is great. A lot of foreigners are here and its always packed. One portion of Anokhi houses the signature store selling clothes, home furnishing, costume jewellery and knick knacks. READ REVIEWS OF ANOKHI ON:


JAMMIE’S KITCHEN: Just opened a few months back and this has already become one of the places i really enjoy having brunch. Jammie’s Kitchen has an Indian and a continental menu. The menus do not have regular stuff.

Some of the dishes that are offered on the Indian Menu are: Malai Jhinga (Unique Prawn curry), Meen Curry (A south Indian Fish curry), Goan Prawn Curry, Jhol maach (Bengali Fish Curry), Koli Curry (chicken curry from Maharashtra), Kozi Kurma (kerala chicken), Bhuna maas (Mutton preparation), Mutton pepper fry, Bhindi machoori (Okra) , Dahiwale baigan (Aubergines in gravy), Hari Haldi ki Subzi (Tumeric curry), Mooli aur paalak ka saag (radish and spinach greens), Andhra chicken Biryani (Rice cooked with chicken) etc etc.

Dishes offered on the Continental Menu: Quiche Lorraine, Chicken & Olive sticks, Prawn cocktail, Greek Salad, Salad Nicoise, A variety of Pastas and Risottos, Grilled basa, Betki fillet with kasundi, Prawns Newberg, Spanish Omelette, Chicken a la kiev, Potato gratin, Cabbage and cream fraiche, Grilled mushroom with herbs and garlic butter, etc.
The place is quaint and has a sort of cool quiet feel. They also offer outside dining that is great for winters. READ MORE ABOUT JAMMIE'S KITCHEN ON:




Grilled fish recommended by the owner

Shepherd's pie

Junglee Chicken (have had junglee maas, but junglee chicken only seen on the menu here...a great dish)














OKRA AT MARRIOT: OKRA is the all day dining restaurant at Marriot and serves ala -carte and buffet with Indian, international and a variety of Asian fare. The Restaurant has a variety of live stations that include fresh pizzas, sushi, teppanyaki, Dimsums, Chaat & Indian Tikkas and curries. BTW, this is the only place in Jaipur serving sushi.

The salad bar is one of my most favourite stations and I love the Hummus, baba ganouj and Pita served here!! I also strongly recommend the burnt garlic fried rice and lemon chicken at the Teppanyaki counter. Sushi too is really nice. The Indian food is ok and the dessert counter has loads of great Indian mithai and pastries etc!!!



MOSAIC AT COUNTRY INN & SUITES: Mosaic is the multi cuisine restaurant and coffee shop at country Inn & Suites. This is another nice place, I love to grab a quick bite. They offer a decent variety to choose from. There is a buffet that changes on daily basis consisting of a huge spread with Indian and international variety and it’s priced decently. The ambiance is nice and the service great. They also offer a full spread drinks menu and many other beverages and desserts to choose from.

There is also an A-la-carte menu to choose from. They have things like chicken wings and fried prawns,  a few varieties of pastas, burgers, sandwiches and Mini Indian meals (biryani- served with salad and raita, chicken gravies/ mutton and chicken dishes served with naan/ Roti or parathas- sufficient quantities for 2). My personal favourite is Grilled fish with lemon butter sauce and capers, Ravioli in tomato sauce and Fish and chips with tartar sauce!!! FOR LOCATION DETAILS ETC CHK: http://www.zomato.com/jaipur/restaurants/central/mi-road/mosaic-country-inn-and-suites-100437







REPLAY: Situated in Tonk Road a Rooftop restaurant serving continental, chinese & Indian food. Simple space, nice ambience, Ok Music, mostly young crowd, a nice place for brunch!
Thin Crust Pizza

Nachos with Salsa

Chilli Chicken


OTH: Situated in C-scheme this Bistro is a nice to let your hair down and grab a cozy brunch with friends and family.

CHANDRAVANSHI PAVILION AT RAJPUTANA: This is the all day dining restaurant at Rajputana. The restaurant serves a variety of cuisines consisting Rajasthani, Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine. SEE WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT CHANDRAVANSHI PAVALLION ON: