Nov 12, 2011

New fun place to eat in town: CHATOKRI

I had gone to Pink Square Mall a couple of days back. On the top floor is the Inox cinema, after a movie we were hungry and wanted a quick bite. So we went to Chatokiri- The Food Court on the top level at Pink Square Mall.

This is a nice place to eat. Well its a food court so you have a lot of choice. There are multiple options: 
  • Brown Sugar (cafe, pastries, and quick bites), 
  • Dominos for pizzaz etc,
  • Mitra- Punjabi Dhaba
  • Chaat ke Chatore- Chaat etc
  • Northern Tadka: Typical north Indian food
  • Tamboora: Chinese
  • Rajasthani: Rajasthani Food
  • Marhaba: Non-Veg (The only place in jaipur serving Shawarma)
  • Dakshin: South Indian Food
  • Only paranthaas for a variety of parathaas
  • And a couple of other counters serving juices, ice-cream etc.
Most of the food is tasty and priced for all pockets. A meal for 2 with soft drinks will not cost more than 350 indian Rupees.

So next time you wanna catch a movie, shop a bit and eat out, go to pink sqaure and give it a shot.

Pink Square Mall
Govind Marg, Saket, 
Adarsh Nagar. Near Pagal Khana
Jaipur, Rajasthan

Nov 10, 2011

Fun Thing to do

So, you have done the sightseeing and had the food... Done people watching as well as your quota for shopping is done for the trip... Still it wont hurt if you got to do something unique and fun? Right?

Here is a fun activity that should not cost you more than 200 to 500 INR and about 45 minutes of your time. Right in the heart of Old jaipur- Just as you are at the end of Johri Bazaar, look up on the roofs of both right and left and what you have there are assorted turbans in all hues and colors! Turbans known as safa in Rajasthan is a traditional headgear- still worn in the rural parts of the state and worn during weddings by grooms. 

Get a safa (turban/ Headgear) made for you. You can choose from the many fabrics that are available or take your own cloth.

I went here 2 weeks back with my "to-be-brother-in-law". The wedding is down the corner and he wanted to get an exclusive safa done, something that matches his sherwani. 

So we went to Banaraswala at Saraogi Mansion (Bapu Bazaar, M.I. Rd). Chose the fabrics and since we wanted 2 colors we bought 2.5 meters of each fabric. You can also buy 2 stoles or dupattas of your choice for a safa.

This is the fabric that is the inner lining of the safa- provided by the safa guy himself

So He measures the head and creates the inner lining first

The safas available, starting 200 INR
a lot of variety to choose from
My Bro-In-Law looks up a safa
He adds a lot of paper and the fabric is wrapped around meticulously
The turban/ safa base is ready as per my bro-in-law's head size
the fabrics getting wrapped
you can view hawa mahal and a lot more while the safa is getting made
The safa being tried
Yes, its fits well!!

Well, that was fun wasnt it! Special Thanks to Sunny Dua (My Model & Bro-in-Law) for letting me click these!! We paid 550 INR coz the groom's safa tying charges are high but normally one can get one tied for 250 INR.