Jul 2, 2011


If you are planning a long stay in Jaipur then the most important thing is to figure where to buy all your essentials and grocery from? Here is a list of daily need stores, super-markets and specialty stores, storing stuff that most shops wont.

HYPERCITY: Stocked with groceries and everything else, Hyper city located at the TRITON MALL, Dahar Ka Balaji, Kalwar Road, Jhotwara Road is great for buying everything that you need for a long stay.

BIG BAZAAR: There are 2 Big Bazaar outlets in Jaipur. One at: MGF Metropolitan Mall, Lower Ground Floor, 22 (Baais) Godam, Jaipur, Tel: 4099900 and Another at: City Square Mall, Vasundhara, Tonk Road, Jaipur, Tel: 5154888. You can find everything here that you may need to run a house.

THE NATIONAL HANDLOOM: Has over 5 outlets. Its more like a Hypermarket and you get everything from make-up to toiletries to grocery here. For locational details on all The National Handloom Stores check: http://wwww.justdial.com/srch/all_indiasrch/all_india.php

BTW, In India and of course jaipur, LIQUOR IS NOT OPENLY AVAILABLE. So, if you think you can buy your alcohol from a grocery store or supermarket- that’s not happening. There are liquor shops in every locality with clear boards or signs. In Jaipur liquor stay open till 8:00 p.m. So make sure to buy your doze of alcohol in time.

Apart from Supermarkets there are Smaller Stores like the Nine Eleven stores called RELIANCE FRESH and MORE, spread all across the city. They are open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. almost all major localities have them. In these stores you can find vegetables, fruits, dairy products, Toiletries, grains and everything else that you need on everyday basis.

If you are looking for non Indian food stuff that you want to cook like a packet of spaghetti or penne or farfel, seasoning like oregano/ parika, olive oil- NOT AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE. For all the western cooking ingredients go to SHOPPERS’ PARADISE SUPERMARKET at CIVIL LINES, next to Cafe Kooba OR THE HYPERMARKET on the ground level at THE HYPERCITY, TRITON MALL, JHOTWARA. I was surprised to see the cheese bar, they had gouda, edam, smoked cheese, cured cheese- atleast 10 varieties of cheese and a lot of other ingredients that are very difficult to find in jaipur if you wanna cook something Italian or Greek or even French.

FRESHETARIAN: If you do not want to go anywhere and want your daily essentials delivered home then http://www.freshetarian.in/ is just what you should visit.

ORGANIC PRODUCE: Looking at buying organic food and confused? Just visit: http://www.downtoearthorganic.com/ You can choose to shop online and get the products delivered to your doorstep or you can visit the outlet near Lal Kothi and buy things.

For any other queries feel free to write to me at anubanerjee@hotmail.com

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