Jul 2, 2011


In Jaipur, seen it all- done it all and now want to do something off the beaten path, something adventurous? There are lots of things to do. Please note, most of these are a full day activity and cannot be completed in 1or 2 hours. So you can go for these activities if you have a full day at your disposal.

For your dose of adventure in Jaipur, you can go for Zip Tour, hot air balloon ride, a Jeep safari and/or an elephant safari.
The View of the Balloon from the parking

The ride lasts Approximately 60 minutes in a hot air balloon. You get a Pick-Up and drop to/from the Hotel. Its a fun experience and very safe. You will be served Tea/coffee & cookies at the launch site and at the end given  Certificate of First Flight, duly signed by your pilot. The activity is on from September till March. In peak summers the same remains closed.

This is an amazing activity and a must do when in Jaipur. There are 2 flights that can be opted for: Early morning & Evening. I really recommend the early morning flight as you can finish by 10 a.m. and then can continue with you sightseeing or other activities for the rest of the day.
There are 2 ticket options to choose from, depending on your convenience:

a)      REFUNDABLE TICKET: Ticket priced at 225 US Dollar. This is a fully refundable ticket and highly recommended for foreign nationals. In case owing to bad weather one misses the flight the cost will be totally refunded.  It includes:
Pick up from your hotel,
Tea / coffee/ refreshments,
Guided ballooning tour of about an hour and drop back to hotel.

b)      NON REFUNDABLE TICKET: Targeted at Indian nationals, the ticket is priced at 8500 INR per person. This is a non refundable ticket and is valid for 2 yrs and can be used at any location throughout India (wherever Sky waltz has the activity). It includes:
Pick up from your hotel,
Tea / coffee/ refreshments,
Guided ballooning tour of about an hour and drop back to hotel. 

The launch site is one of the following places: (You will be taken to either of these by the pick up team)
  • Samode Bagh & Palace
  • Amer Fort
  • Shiv Vilas
  • Jal Mahal
  • Delhi Road
  • Madhogarh Fort
  • or Others depending upon wind conditions

 LOCATIONS: Hot Air Ballooning is also availabe at:Ranthambore, Udaipur and pushkar, neemrana fort, manesar.

For more on Hot air balooning visit: www.skywaltz.com

off we go

Flying off

views of Amber from The Balloon

Flying Over Amber

The Glorious Amber

Flying over amber an experience worth remaining

Amber from the Balloon

flying over Jaipur


With Our wonderful Pilot- Brad

The Certificate and the pick-up vehicle

Option 2: ZIP TOUR:
119 kms from Jaipur, just a 2 hour drive is the stunning Neemrana fort. At this fort starts the Zip Tour, organised and managed by The Flying Fox. Anyone aged 10 years or above, over 1.4m height and under 115kgs can take the Zip Tour. Children between 10-15 years need to be supervised but there is no upper age limit! At the onset of the tour the team runs a drill and practice session. You drive to Neemrana and then proceed to the Neemrana Fort, now converted into a hotel. You can head to The Flying Fox’s office. I recommend pre booking cause there is limit to the number of people they can take. Also the online price is cheaper so its a win win.

There are 5 Zips and it takes 4 hrs because generally there are many others like you. There are 5 Tours everyday. The activity takes an hour. You have to first trek a bit (for the non gym types-its tough) the start your first zip. And so on so forth.

Wearing the Gear at The Flying Fox office

The trek before the zips

The View of The Neemrana from The Flying Fox Office

Getting prepared for the first Zip
The first zip

More Zips

And zip zap zoom!

Views while zipping

A wall at The Neemrana Fort

Another great activity could be a group elephant /jeep safari through the rural country side where you enjoy the best of nature, splendid views and stop at the villages to interact with the locals.
ELEPHANT SAFARI: One of the main highlights is the beautiful sun setting over the Araveli Hills. Lovely scenes and views and a lakeside are part of this landscape and a beautiful hill top heritage site " Hawa Bungalow" awaits you at the end of the safari.

JEEP SAFARI: You will taken in military colored Jeeps that date back to second world war. The Jeeps have been restored for modern day driving. During the safari, a beaten path is taken, stops are made at various sights of interest or historical importance eventually ending the Safari on a hill top property in Naila village. The organisers carry along drinks of your choice and music as per request.

The Jeep Safari

The Jeep Safari Route

The Jeep safari Route

The Jeep safari Route

Sunset on Safari

Reaching Naila

Reaching The Hawa Bunglow
For more on the Safari, visit: http://www.nailabaghpalace.com/node_41.html

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