Nov 20, 2013

Must Try Cheap Eats, Worth Every Morsel

It all started a few months back when one evening I was craving for something nice but the idea of getting all decked up seemed like a boner. So I started calling a few friends to figure out some non fancy places to eat...Thus began the exploration that led to finding some fabulous cheap eats that are a must try! All of these places serve really good food and do not burn a hole in your pocket. 

The Lucknow Junction is NOW HOUSE on FIRE: A tiny kiosk just outside the KFC outlet at the Evershine Tower, Vaishali Nagar is one hell of a place for finger licking good lucknowi food. 

They have these little stand-up tables so 4 people can stand and eat around them or one can order at the kiosk and go back to the car and  ‘Chotu’ will serve you in the car. There is nothing for ambience but the food makes up for more than that. The Menu consists of a variety of Indian delicacies like Murg Tikka, Malai Tikka, Seekh kebab, Murg Afgani, Tandoori leg, Biryani, Mughlai Paratha etc that are available in almost all Indian / tandoori places and most of the stuff is good but this place really rocks for 3 things; one Galauti Kebab with Ulte tawe ka Paratha, Mutton tawa boti & tandoori legs. The Galauti takes hours of preparation and is served as a platter. You get 2 ulta tawa paratha with 4 pieces of galautis just for INR 125/-  The tawa mutton boti is also priced at INR 125 and is decent for 2 and last but not the least the tandoori legs consisting 2 pcs are also priced at INR 125/- These are not your ordinary tandoori legs. After hours of marination and grilling in the tandoor these are topped with wipped fresh cream mixed with elaichi (cardamom) and a few other Indian spices. All in all 2 people can have a great meal at the max for INR 500/-

P.S. Its not a kiosk anymore and has become a small restaurant at the same mall and has been renamed as House on Fire. The prices have gone up by 20% but its still cheap and good mughlai food.









Sethi Barbeque: Over 25 year old Sethi Barbeque is a ‘dhaba’ /take away place located at Gali No. 1, Raja Park & they recently opened a kiosk at Malviya Nagar; just outside crystal court. Its a very basic take away serving great Indian food. They have both Veg and Non-Veg options, however its better for non vegetarians. The Raja park one is over 25 years old and is in the corner of a street. From the looks it might be a little dingy and not so clean but the food is very fresh and mostly cooked in very high temperatures ensuring the germs don’t last. I have eaten here for the past 10 years and never once had any stomach issues! Every evening people line up in cars to eat the luscious tikkas. The system is to go there and find a parking spot, which could be difficult in weekends and honking. In a few minutes a chotu comes with the menu. The order is served in a tray with chutney and pyaaz and tissues and thanks to the tray, it’s really convenient placing on the lap and gorging. 

The menu is extremely elaborate consisting all the usual Indian fares like tandoori chicken, peshawri chicken tikka, lehsooni chicken tikka, afgani chicken tikka, malai chicken tikka, seek kebabs, paneer tikka, butter chicken, kadhai chicken, daal, a variety of breads etc but things one must eat at Sethi are Lehsuni chicken tikka, Pindi chiken Tikka & Masala roti. When you order the Lehsuni chicken tikka make sure to ask for double masala and ask for separate masala and lemon wedges. These awesome tikkas melt into your mouth and leave a taste you will not be able to forget ever!! The lehsuni tikkas are to die for and are priced at INR 190/- for a plate consisting 8 chunky pieces. The Pindi Chicken tikkas are priced at INR 210 for a plate and it also consists of 8 pieces. Masala Roti is priced at INR 20/- At Sethis the bill won’t be more than 550 Indain Rupees for a plate of lehsuni Tikka + Pindi Chicken Tikka+ Daal + a few masala rotis. So, if you are a food (non-veg) lover and like to explore then sethi's is a must visit.

P.S. The food remains same but Sethis has a better location and the prices have gone up by 20%. The new address: Gold Souk Building, Near Jawahar Circle, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

The new Menu at Sethi's: https://www.zomato.com/jaipur/sethi-tikka-kabab-curry-1-malviya-nagar/menu#tabtop

The lehsunia chicken tikka is still my most favourite item on menu

Sanjay’s Omelette: Located at B-18-19, Janta Store, Bapu Nagar, Sanju (as we call him) started with a thela (cart) almost 25 years back and today has this tiny little take away and now a restaurant, selling omelettes and eggs in all forms. One can think, what’s in an omelette? Try one form the 20+ varieties available at Sanju’s (Sanjay’s omelette) and no questions would be asked.
Sanjay Omelette is owned by Mr. Sanjay sharma, who was also one of the participants of Masterchef India season 1 and has been serving to students and locals in Jaipur for over 2 decades. When you reach this place you will wonder what it is and is it OK to eat here but don’t go by appearances. The recipes are so unique and made of secret ingredients creating a unique taste ensuring every evening from 4p.m. to 10 p.m. there are atleast 100 locals who eat que up in their cars or otherwise to get one of the unique omelettes or egg dish.

The omelettes start at 60 INR but are really filling and unique. I am attaching a picture of the menu board, so you know all the stuff available here. This is not a fancy place at all- its just a tiny stall full of eggs and people but a food lover must not miss this place! 


There are days when we want to eat something good but neither are we in a mood to dress up and go to a fancy place nor are we willing to shell out a bomb. The pink city has great options for foodies who do not want a formal scene and are experimental. So next time you want to let your hair down and enjoy an evening with some great food, just get into your car and check out these outlets. Bon App├ętit!

For more on the dining scene in Jaipur read: http://visitingjaipur.com/eating-places-in-jaipur

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