Aug 21, 2012


Jaipur is a great fun city if you are single and wanting to visit with a bunch of friends. There is a lot of sight-seeing to do, a lot of great food places and there are a few fun places for having a blast at night.
If you haven’t come by road and don’t have your own transport you can hire a private cab or use radio taxi or just hop on hop off using auto rickshaws and see jaipur.
Choosing the right accommodation is the key to having a good time! If you are on a budget then you can look at hotels in M.I. road and Bunny park area. There are great options in these areas that are pocket friendly yet clean and comfortable.
If you have a mid range budget then you can look at hotels like Maya Mansion, The Saneer, Bella Casa, Fortune Metropolitan, Royal Orchid etc.
Wanting high end accommodation, then The Ram Bagh, Jai Mahal Palace, The Marriot, The Trident, Rajputana Sheraton, Country Inn & Suites are a few options.
Here is an itinerary for single boys wanting to spend a weekend or just 2 nights for fun in jaipur:

DAY 1:
Assuming you have reached jaipur by 11:00 a.m. complete check-in and grab a quick bite and try to leave for sightseeing by 1:30 P.M. max. 

Start your day with HAWA MAHAL: HAWA MAHAL- it is the most recognizable monument of Jaipur and for many it has become the symbol of JAIPUR. It is best to see the Hawa Mahal’s facade there isn’t much inside except the views of the busy walled city. Timing: 10.00 a.m. to 16.30 hrs, Entry Fee Rs. 10/- for Indian Nationals and Rs.30/- for foreign nationals.

JANTAR MANTAR: Built in 18th century, this observatory houses lots of life sized instruments, many of which were used to study the movement of constellations and stars in the sky. You can take a guide or an audio guide to understand the instruments better. Timing: 9.00 to 16.30 hrs, Entry Fee: Rs. 40/- for Indian Nationals & Rs. 200/- for Foreign nationals. There is an additional charge (nominal) for the audio guide. Jantar Mantar is located close to the gate of the famous City Palace of Jaipur, so after Jantar mantar the third stop should be The City Palace.

Third Stop: The City palace of jaipur & the S.M.S.II Museum. The City palace is an imposing blend of traditional Rajasthani & Mughal Architecture. The vast palace complex occupies one seventh of the walled city of jaipur. While in the City Palace, you can see the textile and costume museum, arms and armour museum, art gallery and hall of public and private audience. The City Palace and S.M.S II Museum. Opening Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Entry Fee for Indians Rs. 75/- and for foreigners Rs.300/- For information on The City Palace & SMS Museum read: http://msmsmuseum.com/pagedetail.php?catid=2&subcatid=6

This is all that one can do in terms of sight-seeing on day1. Post all the sightseeing:
 If you are a group of single boys, then head back to your hotel and take a nap or chill. If you want to buy some drinks and carry to your hotel then note that the liquor shops in jaipur close by 8:00 P.M.so make sure to buy before-hand.

If you are a group of girls then shopping is fun and a good idea. You can start with the area near hawa mahal. You can find handicraft items, Mojaries (Typical Rajasthani- hand crafted shoes), clothes, bed sheets etc. On the round-about close to Hawa mahal are 2 great stores for buying cotton kurtis and salwar kurtis. Gulab Chand and Bombaywalla.
Post this you can move to Johri Bazaar and look for some gems and jewellery. When you are done with Johri Bazaar and if you still have the energy to shop more then, go to Bapu Bazar for knick-knacks, souvenirs, mojaries (the typical rajasthni footwear), quilts, bangles, cotton kurtis, cheap jewellery, puppets, handicraft items etc etc. Make sure you bargain to get the best deal!
The shops here are open till about 8:30p.m/ 9:00p.m. You can also find henna artistes sitting by the road and can get a tattoo done on one hand for approximately 100 Rupees.

At the entry of Bapu Bazar is Saraogi Mansion which houses the big Saree Emporiums- Nikhaar fashions, Pratapsons, Utsav and Parineeta. You can also find the Bnaraswala store here for exclusive hand weaves as well as many varieties of running fabrics from bananras/ Varanasi and other places. At the basement of Saraogi Mansion are many stores selling beautiful footwear, handbags, bangles and cosmetics.
Post shopping if you are too tired then just go to the hotel and order room service. Or you can go back to the hotel for a couple of hours and then go out for dinner. Read the EATING OUT SECTION and choose from one of the many places to eat in. If you go out in night then make sure to pre-book a cab through the hotel or book a radio taxi as they are safe. Avoid tuk-tuks in the night. Not that they are unsafe but why take a chance.

NIGHT LIFE OPTIONS: OK so you have had a long day but when you are out with friends having a great evening is important. 

If you want a lounge kind of set up with great drinks and a unique ambience then The Steam (pub on wheels)- at The Taj Rambagh Palace is the best place. It’s not full of people and relatively subtle and classy. The prices are a bit on the higher side cause it’s The Taj Rambagh. But this is a great place for those who want to talk and enjoy a couple of drinks at a unique place.

Kasbah: The Lounge at Country inn & suites is again a great place to have wood fired pizzas, Lebanese food and a few other Mediterranean dishes along with drinks. The setting is very middle-eastern and there are large screens to watch sports. Again Kasbah is not a very crowded place.

B2B (Back to Basic): The disc at Country inn & suites. They do not allow stags and the entry closes at 12:00a.m. The disc is on till about 2:00a.m. This place has loud music, lots of crowd and is good for those looking to dance and have a few drinks. Its lively on weekends and not so happening on weekdays. B2B has been now closed (2013 dec) and been converted into a Hip Lounge called- 'The Duplay'.

The Grunge: The disc is located at The Fern. Again pulsating music, lots of crowd. Good on weekends.

TC: Located at the basement of Hotel Shikha, right next to the Deer park is a rock pub. Serves great food (continental, Chinese, Indian etc) and has loud rock music and a lot of drinks options. It’s very loud and crowded and is open to stags too. The place is mostly frequented by young crowd.

Tablu: Located at the roof-top of Clark’s Amer Hotel. This is a open air lounge serving great drinks and quick bites as well as platters. Great over the weekends, Tablu is buzzing with a great mix of people, nice music and is a great lounge to people watch and have a wonderful evening.

Club Naila: Located at Naila Bagh Palace, Moti Doongri Road. Naila hosts cool pool-parties on weekends through the summer. The entry is pricey which ensures safe and good crowd. The pool parties go on till almost 3:00 a.m. has great music, loads of people and a great atmosphere. Other season they keep hosting events from time to time. Check with Naila to figure what’s going on during your visit. Call: +91-99 83 510001 Or 141-260 7492

Lounge Maya: The lounge is situated in the basement area of Hotel Maya Mansion. The building also constitutes two well-known restaurants of Jaipur, Handi and Copper Chimney. The USP of They offer a decent selection of drinks and the menu has Indian, continental and Chinese fare. Maya is not very crowded but a nice place to grab a quick drink and a quick bite!

Oxygen & Recycle: Located in Doda’s palace Hotel, raja park. This is a combination of 2 places. Recycle is the open space usually hosting bands and concerts and Oxygen in the lounge bar. Its busy over the weekends and nice for a few drinks.

DAY 2:
Well you are here for a vacation so sleep in till late and leave your hotel for a day of sight-seeing by 12:00 p.m.
JAIGARH FORT: The fort, rugged and similar in structural design to the Amber Fort, is also known as Victory Fort and houses the largest canon on Wheels in the world- Jaibaan.

AMBER FORT & PALACE: Here you can enjoy an Elephant ride. Leave your transport at the lower parking and take an elephant up to The Amber Fort. The ride will cost you approx INR 1000 for one Elephant (2 persons can fit in one Elephant) and those are the one way charges i.e. just to go up, to come back you will have to shell out the same amount. Amber Fort was built by Maharaja Man Singh in the 17th century. You can finish these 2 Forts in approx 3 hours. 

If you have driven down from Delhi/ NCR and checked-out this morning. Post finishing Amber you can head back to the Natioanl highway and leave for Delhi.

If you are still spending the night in city then head back towards jaipur and enjoy the evening by eating at one of the many famous restaurants or just stay in the hotel and relax.

For more itineraries on Jaipur read: http://visitingjaipur.com/itineraries

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