Jun 24, 2011


JAIPUR - One of my favorite cities in India. Favorite, not because I live here or because it is famed to be the land of forts and Palaces, the land of riches, color and unparalleled heritage. Favorite because, this city offers so much that money can and cannot buy! Favorite because of the hospitality and the kind of treatment you will receive from the people during your shopping excursions and otherwise. Favorite because this is the city where you can find India at its colourful best!

Let’s start with what all you can shop for and find in JAIPUR? There is a lot to shop and find. Some of them are:
o Invitation cards
o Bags
o Home furnishing
o Home d├ęcor stuff
o Silverware
o Trousseau packing
o Gifts
o Authentic arts
o Handicrafts
o Exquisite gems
o Jewellery (Silver/ Gold/ Color stones)
o Designer marble products
o Traditional print, block Print garments and textiles
o Blue pottery
o Rajais (blankets/ quilts)
o Trinkets
o Lak ki chudi (ethnic bangles)
o Mojdis (special Rajashtani footware)
o Bandhani work (Traditional Rajasthani Tie & Dye)
o Miniature paintings
o Kundan jewellery
o Marble figures
o Cotton kurtis/ shirts/ Salwar kameez and fabrics
o Gold filigree and inlay work...

Phew, the list seems endless

The Jaipur bazaars are a treat for those who love to explore and discover. They are mostly located in and around the famous Hawa Mahal, which is part of the walled city (The OLD JAIPUR City). Johari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Chaura Rasta, (also called the Sawai Man Singh Highway), Tripolia Bazaar and the Mirza Ismail Road (Popularly known as M.I. ROAD) are some of the main shopping areas. 


Johari Bazaar is the one stop for jewellery and tie dye sarees, fabrics, suits, lehengas and textiles. Gopalji ka Rasta, and Haldiyon ka Rasta houses numerous establishments selling jewellery, gems, sweets, silverware etc. The Old city markets remain closed on Sunday. For handicrafts like puppets, bandahwars, wall hangings, white metal artifacts go to linking road next to saraogi mansion- Bapu Bazar. For wonderful trousseau packing visit Ratan textile and a few tiny shops next to Ratan. When in bapu Bazar do not miss the golgappas and kulfi faluda.

Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar, are also a must visit place for textiles, local perfumes, shoes made of camel skin (jutties/ mojaries), Rajasthani trinkets and bandhani work. Bapu Bazaar also Houses the famous SARAOGI MANSION Market- that has many famous stores, known for Indian bridal trousseau.

If at Saraogi Mansion, you must see the collection at Nikhaar fashions, Utsav Sarees, Pratapsons & my personal favourite Parineeta. For great banarasi handloom fabrics  and weaves visit Banaraswala store at Sarogi Mansion. These markets are completely closed on Sundays.Sometimes before diwali and high wedding season, some do stay open. But I won't take my chances!!

Tripolia Bazaar and Chaura Rasta too have textile outlets in addition to shops selling utensils, ironware and trinkets. It is also closed on Sunday.

If you are interested in carvings in marble and sandstone then head for Khazanawale Raasta. Close to this is the popular M.I. Road which houses a large number of emporia with a variety of goods ranging from jewellery, brass work, textiles, antiques, handicrafts, print fabric, vegetable dye fabric, block printing fabric, famouse lassiwala (Awesome must try drink), Suryamahal veg restaurant, Natraj, Handi & Copper chimney to grab a bite post your shopping sessions etc. The MI Road shops stock a large variety of articles to satisfy the tourists’ need like souvenirs, curios, gifts, handicrafts etc. BARGAIN & HAGGLE for good deals. Stay Away from Chameli market for buying silver, unless want to get ripped off.

Here are a few tips for buying Jewellery: 

Every English as well as local newspaper has the gold and silver rates published on the front page. Look for it to be sure of the recent rates. 

If you are buying silver it is mostly sold on a per gram basis and not per piece basis (as in many countries abroad). So generally it is today's silver rate + Some labour* multiplied by the weight of the peice. Do not get carried away that the piece you are buying has a 92.5 stamp. Ask and make sure that the silver content is pure. Very touristy places are not where the locals ever buy from. Research the net and look at the city guide and make a pick.

A genuine jeweler will always give a certification if asked for. He may ask you for a day's time but it is better to buy high-end stuff only if it is certified. All gemstones are easily certifiable and just takes a few hours to get validated.

Continuing from what all to shop, For block printed specialities, Chhipa, Kilol, Soma, Cottons, Cotton curio, Gulabchand, Suruchi and Anokhi are some places you may want to check out. Rajasthali, the official store of Rajasthan tourism, is a must try to find a galore of products under one roof. But if you are flying out, then the Sanganer village area, which is close to the airport, is worth going to for blue pottery and other specialities.

For wonderful and cheap home furnishings do take out some time and visit Seekar House. Bedspreads, bedsheets, Table mats, Table runners, Tablecloth, curtains, Quilts, name it and you got it all squeezed in the small seeker house market. You must bargain a lot to strike a great deal.

For more details on what all you can buy from Jaipur and where to particularly buy something from you can post a comment or send your query to me at anubanerjee@hotmail.com I will be glad to help!!  and for any shopping related queries or personalised shopping assistance or a shopping tour with a guide, write to me on anubanerjee@hotmail.com


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