Jun 23, 2011


Jaipur is a fairly safe place to visit if you are cautious. The local people of Jaipur are very helpful and friendly. It is always a good idea to deal with licensed travel agents rather than trusting some anonymous local guides.

You can always be safe if you are careful enough about yourself and your surroundings. You should carry your belongings properly, including your money and important documents like your passport and other articles.

Incidents of mugging tourists are unheard of in this city. Still to be on the safer side, make sure not to carry too much cash with you. Credit and Debit cards are acceptable at most of restaurants, stores, shopping malls, hotels and movie theaters.

The Traffic situation is a little scary for foreigners but that prevails in the whole of India. Be careful while crossing  the roads. Driving for foreigners is an absolute NO in Jaipur plus private cars/ cabs/ taxis are easily available and not very highly priced. There are many cab companies in Jaipur, where you can call and book a cab 45 minutes in advance and a sedan with air conditioning will charge you approximately Indian Rupees 15 per kilometer. You can call Meri Car, Metro cab or My cabs and pre book.These are safe and not very expensive and available 24X7.

Tap water is definitely not drinkable anywhere in India and the same goes for Jaipur. Please stick to Bottled water. Aquafina, Bisleri and Kinley are preferred by me. And then there is Himalya and Evian ofcourse!!!

For any emergencies you can dial the Police on 100. For Medical Emergencies dial 108 and paramedics will come to assist you.

Have a safe trip!!! for any other jaipur related query feel free to write to me at anubanerjee@hotmail.com

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