Jun 23, 2011


Getting around Jaipur can be an interesting experience if you hire the local transport. Similar to other places in India, Jaipur also has its fair share of prepaid taxis. These are available right from the airport and the railway station itself. Besides, you can also avail taxis which are not prepaid. You can also ask your hotel to arrange a taxi for you. Jaipur also has a lot of Dial a cab- you can check my post TAXI SERVICE in JAIPUR regarding these- http://thejaipurguide.blogspot.com/2011/06/taxi-in-jaipur.html

Getting around Jaipur in auto-rickshaws/ 3 wheelers is also a good option. The three wheeled auto-rickshaws are available form every corner of the city including the Bus Terminal and the Railway Station. Auto-rickshaws are found everywhere and generally cheap. However as a tourist you must bargain initially as the meter never runs and sometimes they charge astronomical amounts compared to the actual chargeable price.
* Since November 2011- It is mandatory to use the meter. When you take the Rickshaw (tuk-tuk) ask him if he has the meter chart and has he started the meter. Once you Get down ask the driver to hand you the chart- read the amount of money against the meter reading and pay as per the chart. If The driver tries to act smart, tell him you will note down the number plate details and inform The Traffic police! He wont act smart!

A lot of tourists hire cycle-rickshaws but one of the problems is that the cycle-rickshaws are small, completely open and very slow. But, you can always avail them if you are moving to very short distances, just for the experience.

Travelling to Jaipur can be very exciting if you have a well organized Itinerary. It is always a good idea to reserve a mode of transport beforehand. In that case, you would really have no problems for your sightseeing. Public transports like the city busses are not all worth trying, they are too crowded and not in a very decent condition.

For any queries regarding getting around Jaipur or planning a jaipur Itinerary. Please write to me at anubanerjee@hotmail.com

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